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Figures edited with guide are becoming incompatible with 2015a and older versions

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Richard Kennaway
Richard Kennaway on 21 Dec 2015
Closed: Walter Roberson on 23 Dec 2015
Running Matlab 2016a (prerelease) I edited a figure with guide, to change a few menu commands. Everything works in 2016a, but opening the figure in 2015a gives a large number of "Undefined function handle" messages on the console. Editing and saving the figure again in 2015a gives something that crashes Matlab immediately on trying to open it.
I had the same problem with 2015b, so I abandoned trying to use it, but 2016a is doing the same. For the moment it looks like I have have to switch to 2015a whenever I want to edit a figure.
I tried to make a minimal repro when I ran into the problem with 2015b, but the smaller I made the figure the more intermittent the problem became. An old version of the figure that has never been edited with anything later than 2015a works in later versions, but as soon as I modify it in a later version, it no longer works in earlier versions.
I can't just stick to the latest Matlab, because other people use the software I develop and I have no control over what version of Matlab they use.
Have others seen this problem, and is there a solution?

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