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3-d plot

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Hassan on 17 Dec 2011
I have two matrixes: I is a grayscale image and BW is the binary image. for the regions that have area>50 in BW, I want to calculate the mean value of the those regions in I. I then want to show these mean values for each region as bar plot on the grayscale. Any suggestion?
I used the following code to show the mean value of each region on the image but dont know how to show them as bar.
% create a synthetic image
I = propsSynthesizeImage;
%a create binary image
BW = I >0;
%find the centroid of each region
s = regionprops(BW, I, {'Centroid'});
title('Weighted (red) and Unweighted (blue) Centroid Locations');
hold on
numObj = numel(s);
%plot the centeroid of each region on the image
for k = 1 : numObj
plot(s(k).Centroid(1), s(k).Centroid(2), 'bo');
hold off
s = regionprops(BW, I, {'Centroid', 'PixelValues', 'BoundingBox'});
title('Standard Deviation of Regions');
hold on
%calculate the mean value of each region and plot them on the image
for k = 1 : numObj
s(k).Mean= mean(double(s(k).PixelValues));
text(s(k).Centroid(1),s(k).Centroid(2), ...
sprintf('%2.1f', s(k).Mean), ...
hold off
Hassan on 17 Dec 2011
thanks Walter for the command. I did some changes in the format but Im not sure if they were what you meant.

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