How to avoid dates being writen in scientific notation?

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Kian on 10 Aug 2015
Commented: Walter Roberson on 11 Aug 2015
I made my dates using:
m(1,1) = str2num(datestr([2015,8,10,12,0,0],'yyyymmddhhMM'));
which writes date in scientific notation into m. Is there any way to avoid that? I want my dates to be as simple as 201508101200 in m.

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Jeff E
Jeff E on 10 Aug 2015
If you really want it as an integer:
m = uint64(str2num(datestr([2015,8,10,12,0,0],'yyyymmddhhMM')));
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Kian on 10 Aug 2015
Thanks a lot. That resolved my issue. I still had to to a bit of a trick on my matrix. Actually, that cell where date is stored in is not the first cell in my matrix. It's in the second column. So if I start by filling in first column with some other values, it still writes my dates in scientific notation cause the matrix is going to be double. So, I first wrote in the 2nd column with dates through how you showed me to make the matrix a uint64 and then wrote in the first columns.
Thanks again.

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