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how can I get that the thikness of one slice of a CT image is measured at the milimeter level?

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hi everyone I got a code for DICOM viewer in this link:
The thickness of each slice is important for me. in this code I can see this but I don't know Is this measured at the millimeter level? my question is this: how can I get that the thickness of one slice of a CT image is measured at the millimeter level? if it is not measured in millimeter how can I transfer it to millimeter? I appreciate your helps and supports in advanced.


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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 18 Jun 2015
Yes, DICOM tag (0018,0050) Slice Thickness is in mm. See Table C.7-10
Note that Slice Thickness is allowed to be different for different slices. There is a useful discussion at!topic/comp.protocols.dicom/_VwpyrH36xw

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Henric Rydén
Henric Rydén on 18 Jun 2015
Read tags only, not the image:
info = dicominfo('filename.dcm');
Get slice thickness in mm:


jack nn
jack nn on 18 Jun 2015
thanks dear Henric Rydén so you mean that if I use dicominfo and after that I use info.SliceThickness and the result is 1.2500, it means that SliceThickness is 1.2500 millimeter?

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