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Code Slows Down if I Preallocate Larger Variables?

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Alessandro on 16 Jun 2015
Commented: Alessandro on 17 Jun 2015
Hello, I am using Matlab to explicitly integrate equations of motion for a finite element mesh. In the code I initialise all the history variables (such as displacement, velocity and acceleration) to store all the values at every node for every time step.
displace = zeros(gdl,n_inc+1); %
epsilon = zeros(gdl,n_inc+1); %
stress = zeros(gdl,n_inc+1); %
The point is: if I use a larger number of time steps (i.e. a smaller time increment), every single step takes much more to run. Is that avoidable somehow?


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Adam on 16 Jun 2015
That depends on how the algorithm is coded. The profiler should tell you where the time is being spent.
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