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How to define geographicGrid in matlab code?

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I am using following matlab code to extract data but it is giving some error.
img_file = 'c:\data\4MARCH24_BAND7_SUBSET.dat'
img = hypercube(img_file);
shapefile = 'c:\data\Achi Khurd.shp';
S = shaperead(shapefile);
%remove small triangles and squares
coord_lengths = arrayfun(@(s) numel(s.X), S);
not_useful_mask = coord_lengths < 10;
S(not_useful_mask) = [];
polygon = polyshape({S.X}, {S.Y});
% Create a logical mask
[Z,R] = readgeoraster(img_file);
[lat,lon] = geographicGrid(R);
[Lon, Lat] = meshgrid(lon, lat);
logical_mask = reshape(isinterior(polygon, Lon(:), Lat(:)), size(Lon));
% Use the logical mask to extract data
extracted_data = img(logical_mask);
It is giving following error
Incorrect number or types of inputs or outputs for function geographicGrid.
Error in Test (line 14)
[lat,lon] = geographicGrid(R);
I am attaching the data also in order to run the above mentioned matlab code.
I would be thankful for suggesting me to fix it.

Accepted Answer

Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre on 29 Mar 2024
Ultimately, the issue is because your input to geographicGrid is the wrong data type.
geographicGrid expects the input to be a GeographicCellsReference or GeographicPostingsReference object (see here). However, if you inspect the class of your variable R in the Workspace, you will see it is a MapCellsReference object.
Basically, your data file does not contain the data format you expect.
You can compare the difference between the two as well as see their corresponding object functions on their respective doc pages.
Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre on 24 Apr 2024 at 13:05
Sorry. It can take a while, especially if the topic is niche. I'm afraid this is not an area where I consider myself an expert. I do not know who to direct you to, and I am unfamiliar with the topics you are asking about.

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