How to find axes in gui?

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Rafet on 17 Dec 2014
Edited: Ahmed Maalej on 2 May 2019
I'm trying to plot sth on axes2 in a gui, I think first I must find the axes2 and then set it as current axes.
But MATLAB could not find axes2, despite it can find all axes objects in figure.
What can be the problem?
muhammad zulhelmy
muhammad zulhelmy on 5 Mar 2017
how can i copy data from axes2, then display to axes3 ??

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Answers (2)

matt dash
matt dash on 17 Dec 2014
Certain plotting functions, including cla, can reset the axes's tag. As Ben11 says, the better option is to store the handle somewhere permanent (i.e. in the handles structure, which if you're using GUIDE happens automatically) and access it from there.
If you need to rely on findobj, you need to be careful that you don't use any functions that would reset the properties you're using to test with findobj.
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Rafet on 17 Dec 2014
I'll keep this in mind.
thanks matt

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Ahmed Maalej
Ahmed Maalej on 2 May 2019
Edited: Ahmed Maalej on 2 May 2019
I faced the same problem trying to actualise the resulting image after parameter changes. In my case I used more than one figure, and I wanted to display the result on axes of my last figure after a pushbutton:
ok_mask_button= uicontrol(handles.pan,'Style','pushbutton','Units', 'normal', 'Position',[.55 .9 .08 .06],'FontSize',12,'FontWeight','bold', 'String','Ok','Callback', @Mask_parameters);
So to display the image using my callback function, the solution was :
% some code above%
ax = gca;
I needed to use gca to specify that I wanted to work on the current axes.

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