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Why does copyobj return an error when Copying Legends or Colorbars in MATLAB R2014b?

Why does copyobj return an error when copying legends or colorbars in MATLAB R2014b?




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Answer by MathWorks Support Team on 7 Oct 2014
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Starting in MATLAB R2014b, legends and colorbars must be associated with an axes. If you want to copy a legend or a colorbar using copyobj, you also must copy the associated axes.
Copying a legend without the associated axes returns an error message. For example:
l = legend('show'); % legend
ax = gca; % associated axes
fnew = figure; % new figure
copies = copyobj(l,fnew); % copy only legend to new figure
Error using (line 5)
A legend must be copied with its associated axes. Use a vector input with COPYOBJ in order to copy the legend and axes together.
You must copy both the legend and the associated axes.
copies = copyobj([l,ax],fnew)
2x1 graphics array:
Legend (data1, data2)


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