linux installer for matlab 2021b doesn't bring up dialog box

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Joon W
Joon W on 11 Oct 2021
Commented: Daniel Brennan on 21 Oct 2021
I tried installing matlab 2021b for Linux by using the following commnad after unzipping the installer:
> sudo ./install
unlike my previous installation experience, nothing shows up after that.
I have tried using sudo su, and chmod -R 777 but nothing changes.

Answers (1)

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 11 Oct 2021
Daniel Brennan
Daniel Brennan on 21 Oct 2021
The xhost fix doesn't work for me. I have the same problem running as my current user. Also I can start other X apps with or without sudo. The matlab installer hangs with no output. Serveral ~20 MathWorksProductInstaller instances can be seen in the process list but they are all idle.

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