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Example 3D netcdf data

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Chad Greene
Chad Greene on 15 Aug 2014
Commented: Chad Greene on 15 Aug 2014
I am writing a help file that would benefit from some example data in netcdf format. The data should be in the form of a 3D matrix of some variable (e.g. temperature), and corresponding (lat, lon) or (x,y) and time vectors. Unfortunately, Matlab's only contains 2D data sets. Is there some file that I do not know about or should I create it myself?


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Ashish Uthama
Ashish Uthama on 15 Aug 2014
Edited: Ashish Uthama on 15 Aug 2014
If you assume net connection, your example could "download" it. MATLAB can read OPeNDAP data. Barring that, you would have to create one. Or add code to your example which creates it on the fly (NCCREATE/NCWRITE).

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Chad Greene
Chad Greene on 15 Aug 2014
Thanks Ashish. I don't want to assume that end users have an internet connection with friendly firewall settings, and I'm afraid that several lines of example data creation may make my help files a bit top-heavy. I may need to distribute my help file along with a separate example data file.

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