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error when using Matlab generated a function for read a file

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Hello, I am trying to ipmort a data file into Matlab using import data tool and then using generate function, but i am getting this error message "Not enough input arguments.
Error in importfile (line 27)
fileID = fopen(filename,'r');"
so If anyone can help me please in fixing this error ....
i attach down the geneated function and the data file i am trying to import
function jro19661111 = importfile(filename, startRow, endRow)
%IMPORTFILE Import numeric data from a text file as a matrix.
% Reads data from text file FILENAME for the default selection.
% Reads data from rows STARTROW through ENDROW of text file FILENAME.
% Example:
% jro19661111 = importfile('jro19661111.001.txt', 1, 8541);
% See also TEXTSCAN.
% Auto-generated by MATLAB on 2021/09/15 13:23:41
%% Initialize variables.
if nargin<=2
startRow = 1;
endRow = inf;
%% Read columns of data as text:
% For more information, see the TEXTSCAN documentation.
formatSpec = '%6s%10s%10s%10s%10s%*10*s%*13*s%*11*s%*14*s%*14*s%*14s%11s%14s%[^\n\r]';
%% Open the text file.
fileID = fopen(filename,'r');
%% Read columns of data according to the format.
% This call is based on the structure of the file used to generate this code. If an error occurs for a different file, try regenerating the code from the Import Tool.
dataArray = textscan(fileID, formatSpec, endRow(1)-startRow(1)+1, 'Delimiter', '', 'WhiteSpace', '', 'TextType', 'string', 'HeaderLines', startRow(1)-1, 'ReturnOnError', false, 'EndOfLine', '\r\n');
for block=2:length(startRow)
dataArrayBlock = textscan(fileID, formatSpec, endRow(block)-startRow(block)+1, 'Delimiter', '', 'WhiteSpace', '', 'TextType', 'string', 'HeaderLines', startRow(block)-1, 'ReturnOnError', false, 'EndOfLine', '\r\n');
for col=1:length(dataArray)
dataArray{col} = [dataArray{col};dataArrayBlock{col}];
%% Close the text file.
%% Convert the contents of columns containing numeric text to numbers.
% Replace non-numeric text with NaN.
raw = repmat({''},length(dataArray{1}),length(dataArray)-1);
for col=1:length(dataArray)-1
raw(1:length(dataArray{col}),col) = mat2cell(dataArray{col}, ones(length(dataArray{col}), 1));
numericData = NaN(size(dataArray{1},1),size(dataArray,2));
for col=[1,2,3,4,5,6,7]
% Converts text in the input cell array to numbers. Replaced non-numeric text with NaN.
rawData = dataArray{col};
for row=1:size(rawData, 1)
% Create a regular expression to detect and remove non-numeric prefixes and suffixes.
regexstr = '(?<prefix>.*?)(?<numbers>([-]*(\d+[\,]*)+[\.]{0,1}\d*[eEdD]{0,1}[-+]*\d*[i]{0,1})|([-]*(\d+[\,]*)*[\.]{1,1}\d+[eEdD]{0,1}[-+]*\d*[i]{0,1}))(?<suffix>.*)';
result = regexp(rawData(row), regexstr, 'names');
numbers = result.numbers;
% Detected commas in non-thousand locations.
invalidThousandsSeparator = false;
if numbers.contains(',')
thousandsRegExp = '^[-/+]*\d+?(\,\d{3})*\.{0,1}\d*$';
if isempty(regexp(numbers, thousandsRegExp, 'once'))
numbers = NaN;
invalidThousandsSeparator = true;
% Convert numeric text to numbers.
if ~invalidThousandsSeparator
numbers = textscan(char(strrep(numbers, ',', '')), '%f');
numericData(row, col) = numbers{1};
raw{row, col} = numbers{1};
raw{row, col} = rawData{row};
%% Replace non-numeric cells with NaN
R = cellfun(@(x) ~isnumeric(x) && ~islogical(x),raw); % Find non-numeric cells
raw(R) = {NaN}; % Replace non-numeric cells
%% Create output variable
jro19661111 = table;
jro19661111.YEAR = cell2mat(raw(:, 1));
jro19661111.MONTH = cell2mat(raw(:, 2));
jro19661111.DAY = cell2mat(raw(:, 3));
jro19661111.HOUR = cell2mat(raw(:, 4));
jro19661111.MIN = cell2mat(raw(:, 5));
jro19661111.GDALT = cell2mat(raw(:, 6));
jro19661111.NE8 = cell2mat(raw(:, 7));

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 15 Sep 2021
That error is saying that you tried to run the importfile() function without passing it any file name. Perhaps you just pressed the green Run button when you were editing the file, or you went down to the command line and typed in
jro = importfile
without passing in the file name.

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