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How to extract the data from .nc file based on longitude and latitude,time?

Asked by alagu mathi on 17 May 2014
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Hi, I have to extract the data from netcdf file based on lat,long and time. I have written the following code.
ncid ='\C:\Users\divecha21\Desktop\errorBar\','NC_NOWRITE');
peaksData = ncinfo('\C:\Users\divecha21\Desktop\errorBar\','tasmax');
[ndim, nvar, natt, unlim] = netcdf.inq(ncid)
[dimname, dimlength] = netcdf.inqDim(ncid, 0)
[dimname, dimlength] = netcdf.inqDim(ncid, 1)
[dimname, dimlength] = netcdf.inqDim(ncid, 2)
lon = netcdf.getVar(ncid,0,0,128)
%time = netcdf.getVar(ncid,2,0,34675)
lat = netcdf.getVar(ncid,1,0,64)
latlim = [5.25 36.75];
lonlim = [60.25 97.25];
precJanuary = netcdf.getVar(ncid,2,[60.25 5.25 1],[97.25 36.75 1]);
Actually I have global temperature data i have to extract only india. After execution,I got the following error.
>> sample1
Error using ncread Expected start to be integer-valued.
Error in (line 557) validateattributes(start,{'numeric'},...
Error in ncread (line 58) vardata =, varargin{:});
Error in sample1 (line 27) precJanuary = ncread('\C:\Users\divecha21\Desktop\errorBar\','tasmax',[60.25 5.25 1],[97.25 36.75 1]);
Can any one help me to clear this? I am new to matlab.
Thank you


Did you try using NCREAD itself? (NCINFO will give you dimension info about a variable).
Yes,I tried ncinfo() but still i could n't clear that problem.
will you please write the revised code for extracting nc files, I am looking for the data for India...

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1 Answer

Answer by Ashish Uthama on 20 May 2014
Edited by Ashish Uthama on 20 May 2014
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The nc* functions and the netcdf.* functions represent two independent ways to access a NetCDF file. I would recommend sticking to nc* functions until you get comfortable enough to directly access the NetCDF library interface using the netcdf.* functions (it uses C style indexing and dimension ordering which is different from what nc* functions report and use).
Instead of
precJanuary = netcdf.getVar(ncid,2,[0 0 0],[128 64 1]);
precJanuary = ncread(filename, varname,[1 1 1],[128 64 1]);


Thank you @Ashish Uthama.Yes i have edited the code as per your suggestion.I have south_india.fig(like shape file)i have to extract the data only that region.
I try to use your code line:
z = ncread(ncfiles(i).name,'z',[1 1 1],[360 181 1]);
But I got the error:
Index exceeds array bounds. Why?

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