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how can i subplot 4 separate graphs for machine's velocity

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Austin on 29 Oct 2013
Commented: sixwwwwww on 29 Oct 2013
A machine velocity while traveling on a particular road = 70*exp(-t/M) t=0:0.5:10
M is the mass of the Machine. Machine1 is 100kg Machine2 is 150kg Machine3 is 200kg how can i subplot the velocity vs time graph of each machine so that i get the velocity-time graph of each respective machine?
below is what ive tried. Welcome other alternative suggestions!
V0=70 for m=100:50:200 l=length(m) for i=1:l t=linspace(0,10,l) V(i)=70.*exp(-t(i)./M(i)); subplot(3,1,i) plot(t,V)


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Accepted Answer

sixwwwwww on 29 Oct 2013
Here is one alternate:
V = 70;
machine = [100 150 200 250];
for i = 1:numel(machine)
road = V*exp(-t/machine(i));
subplot(2,2,i), plot(t, road), title(strcat('weight:', num2str(machine(i))))

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