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Why do I receive an error message of "mclmcr.dll not found" while deploying my application on a target machine using the 'MCRInstaller.exe' in MATLAB 7.0.4 (R14SP2)?

When I run 'MCRInstaller.exe' on a target machine and execute my MATLAB Compiler generated stand-alone application, I receive the following error message:
'mclmcr.dll' not found.

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Answer by MathWorks Support Team on 18 Nov 2016
 Accepted Answer

This behavior is observed in MATLAB due to a corrupt installation of the MCR.
To work around this issue, add the <mcrroot>\v72\bin\win32 folder to the system path, where mcrroot corresponds to the directory into which the MCR is installed. However, this may cause problems with other versions of MCR since the file 'mclmcrrt72.dll', which calls the 'mclmcr.dll', is version specific.
Hence, the other option is to reinstall the MCR using 'MCRInstaller' on the target machine.
You can find the 'MCRInstaller.exe' in the following directory:
(where $MATLAB is the MATLAB root directory as returned by the following command:


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