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Configure Virtual Vehicle Setup

Use the Virtual Vehicle Composer to configure your virtual vehicle. First, specify the project path and configuration name, powertrain architecture, model template, and vehicle dynamics.

In the app, on the Composer tab, click New "New" button to start new virtual vehicle.. The app opens with default virtual vehicle settings and creates project files.

Virtual Vehicle Composer app Setup pane

For this example, configure a battery-electric vehicle (EV) with a single electric motor (EM), using a Simulink® model template with longitudinal vehicle dynamics. Set:

  1. Vehicle class to Passenger vehicle.

  2. Model template to Simulink.

  3. Powertrain architecture to Electric Vehicle 1EM.

  4. Vehicle dynamics to Longitudinal vehicle dynamics.

  5. Project path to C:\Users\<user_name>\MATLAB\Projects\examples.

  6. Configuration name to ConfiguredVirtual_EV.

  7. Custom component catalog to C:\Users\<user_name>\MATLAB\Projects\examples\VVCCustomCatalog.xml.

Click Confirm Setup.

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