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Organize Architectural Data

Organize System Composer™ architectural data using Simulink® projects, data dictionaries, and model comparison

You can use many tools to manage and support complex System Composer workflows. Learn how to use Simulink projects to manage files and settings and to interact with source control. Reuse interface definitions across architecture models with data dictionaries and referenced dictionaries to share and store data across models. Compare System Composer model and model artifact differences using the System Composer Comparison Tool. Resolve conflicts between System Composer models using the System Composer Three-Way Merge Tool.


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systemcomposer.arch.ArchitectureArchitecture in model
systemcomposer.arch.ModelSystem Composer model
systemcomposer.interface.DictionaryInterface data dictionary of architecture model
Simulink.dictionary.ArchitecturalDataEdit architectural data in a Simulink data dictionary programmatically (Since R2023b)


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systemcomposer.createModelCreate System Composer model
systemcomposer.loadModelLoad System Composer model
systemcomposer.openModelOpen System Composer model
openOpen architecture model
saveSave architecture model or data dictionary
closeClose architecture model
createArchitectureModelCreate architecture model from component (Since R2021b)
createArchitectureSubsystemCreate architecture subsystem from component (Since R2023a)
linkToModelLink component to model
inlineComponentRemove reference architecture or behavior from component
systemcomposer.exportToVersionExport architecture model and dependencies to previous release of System Composer (Since R2019b)
systemcomposer.createDictionaryCreate data dictionary
systemcomposer.openDictionaryOpen data dictionary
saveToDictionarySave interfaces to dictionary (Since R2019b)
linkDictionaryAttach data dictionary to architecture model
unlinkDictionaryRemove attached data dictionary from architecture model
moveInterfaceMove interface to another data dictionary (Since R2023b)
addReferenceAdd reference to dictionary (Since R2021a)
removeReferenceRemove reference to dictionary (Since R2021a)
makeOwnedInterfaceSharedConvert owned interface to shared interface (Since R2022a)


System Composer Comparison ToolView differences between two architecture models (Since R2022a)
System Composer Three-Way Merge ToolResolve conflicts in System Composer models (Since R2023b)
Interface EditorCreate and author interfaces in local and shared interface data dictionaries
Architectural Data EditorManage architectural data (Since R2023b)