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System-Level Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Model

Since R2023b

This example shows how to design a battery electric vehicle using abstract models of vehicle components. This is a simple, fast running model that you can use to estimate vehicle-level parameters like electrical efficiency. You can download this model in MATLAB® or access it from MATLAB Central File Exchange and GitHub®.

Example Overview

In this example, you learn how to:

  • Build a simple BEV model that you can use as a baseline to estimate electrical efficiency.

  • Build a detailed model of the permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) and controller that you can use to estimate the electrical efficiency at the unit level.

  • Speed up simulations by using the results of simulations with the detailed motor drive unit to parameterize the simpler Motor & Drive block in the simple BEV model.

For more information about this example, follow these steps to explore the overview that opens in your web browser or see Battery Electric Vehicle Model in Simscape (MATLAB Central File Exchange).

Download Files

Clone the up-to-date repository in the current folder using the gitclone function.


Alternatively, choose one of these options. You can download the latest files and versions of the project that are compatible with earlier releases of MATLAB using these options.

Open Project

After you use the gitclone function, MATLAB creates a new folder in the current folder. This example uses projects to manage the supporting files. Open the BatteryElectricVehicle project file. If you have any projects open, MATLAB closes them before loading this project. An overview opens in your web browser that helps you explore subsystems and the construction of the model. The overview also shows you the main simulation results.


Explore Project

Open the model.


Click the Main script button on the canvas of the top-level model. This script shows how to set up the model, run the simulation, visualize the results, and calculate efficiency. You can find more scripts demonstrating other simulation cases in the SimulationCases folder.

To find the latest examples from the MathWorks Simscape Team, see MathWorks Simscape Team on MATLAB Central.

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