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Add Enumerated Inputs, Outputs, and Parameters to a MATLAB Function Block

When you add enumerated inputs, outputs, or parameters to a MATLAB Function block, follow these guidelines:

  • For inputs, inherit the type from the enumerated type of the connected Simulink® signal or specify the enumeration explicitly.

  • For outputs, specify the enumerated type explicitly.

  • For tunable parameters, specify the enumerated type explicitly. For nontunable parameters, derive properties from an enumerated parameter in a parent Simulink masked subsystem or enumerated variable defined in the MATLAB® base workspace.

To add enumerated data to a MATLAB Function block:

  1. In the MATLAB Function Block Editor, select Ports & Data Manager.

  2. In the Ports and Data Manager, select Add > Data.

  3. In the Name field, enter a name for the enumerated data.

    For parameters, the name must match the enumerated masked parameter or workspace variable name.

  4. In the Type field, specify an enumerated type.

    • For an explicit enumerated type, set Type to Enum:<class name>. Replace <class name> with the name of an enumerated data type that you defined in a MATLAB file on the MATLAB path.

      The Complexity field is not visible because enumerated data types do not support complex values.

    • To inherit the enumerated type from a connected Simulink signal (for inputs only), set Type to Inherit:Same as Simulink.

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