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Provide inputs for simulation using blocks that define and generate signals or load signal data

Use blocks from the Sources library to provide input signals for simulation.

  • Generate signals in your model using blocks such as the Sine Wave block and the Constant block.

  • Load signal data from the workspace or a file using blocks such as the Playback block, the From Workspace block, the From File block, and the From Spreadsheet block.

  • Create and edit signals using blocks such as the Signal Editor block.


Band-Limited White NoiseIntroduce white noise into continuous system
Chirp SignalGenerate sine wave with increasing frequency
ClockDisplay and provide simulation time
ConstantGenerate constant value
Counter Free-RunningCount up and overflow back to zero after reaching maximum value for specified number of bits
Counter LimitedCount up and wrap to zero after specified upper limit
Digital ClockOutput simulation time at specified sampling interval
Enumerated ConstantGenerate enumerated constant value
From FileLoad data from MAT file into Simulink model
From SpreadsheetRead data from spreadsheet
From WorkspaceLoad signal data from workspace into Simulink model
GroundGround unconnected input port
In Bus ElementSelect input from external port
InportCreate input port for subsystem or external input
PlaybackLoad data from workspace, file, or Simulation Data Inspector (Since R2022b)
Pulse GeneratorGenerate square wave pulses at regular intervals
RampGenerate constantly increasing or decreasing signal
Random NumberGenerate normally distributed random numbers
Repeating SequenceGenerate arbitrarily shaped periodic signal
Repeating Sequence InterpolatedOutput discrete-time sequence and repeat, interpolating between data points
Repeating Sequence StairOutput and repeat discrete time sequence
Signal EditorDisplay, create, edit, and switch interchangeable scenarios
Signal GeneratorGenerate various waveforms
Sine WaveGenerate sine wave, using simulation time as time source
StepGenerate step function
Uniform Random NumberGenerate uniformly distributed random numbers
Waveform GeneratorOutput waveforms using signal notations