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Manual Performance Optimization

Optimize model settings manually, identify and resolve performance bottlenecks

Achieve faster simulation with your models by manually employing some of these optimization techniques. For more information, see How Optimization Techniques Improve Performance and Accuracy.


ProfilerIdentify sources of simulation slowdowns


sldiagnosticsDisplay diagnostic information about Simulink system


Simulink.profiler.DataProgrammatically access Simulink Profiler information

Simulink Configuration Parameters

Examples and How To

Speed Up Simulation

Techniques for improving simulation speed.

Check and Improve Simulation Accuracy

How to interpret simulation accuracy and incorrect simulations.

How Profiler Captures Performance Data

How the Profiler identifies parts of your model that slow down simulation.


How Optimization Techniques Improve Performance and Accuracy

Use optimization techniques to understand model behavior and modify model settings to improve performance and accuracy.

Modeling Techniques That Improve Performance

Approaches for improving model performance.

Running Multiple Simulations

Run multiple simulations from the parsim and batchsim commands, and the Multiple Simulations panel in Simulink® Editor.

Understanding Total Time and Self Time in Profiler Reports

The Simulink Profiler displays the performance of the components of your model and their simulation phases.

Featured Examples