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Discrete-Event Simulation

Model and simulate discrete-event systems

To model discrete-event systems in the Simulink® environment, consider using SimEvents® software.

SimEvents provides a discrete-event simulation engine and component library for analyzing event-driven system models and optimizing performance characteristics such as latency, throughput, and packet loss. Queues, servers, switches, and other predefined blocks enable you to model routing, processing delays, and prioritization for scheduling and communication.


Discrete-Event Simulation in Simulink Models (SimEvents)

SimEvents software incorporates discrete-event system modeling into the Simulink time-based framework.

Create a Discrete-Event Model (SimEvents)

Build an event-based model using the SimEvents block library.

Manage Entities Using Event Actions (SimEvents)

Specify random intergeneration times for entities, manage entities with event actions in a queuing system.

Entities in a SimEvents Model (SimEvents)

Learn how entities fit into the modeling process.

Events and Event Actions (SimEvents)

Learn the basics of events and event actions in SimEvents.

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