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RoadRunner Asset Library Add-On

Populate RoadRunner scenes with a library of 3D models

RoadRunner Asset Library is a set of 3D models and assets for 3D scenes created with RoadRunner. The library provides hundreds of models, including road and highway signs, traffic signals, road surface markings, trees, barriers, and road damage textures, such as cracks and oil spills. All models are professionally designed and visually consistent.

RoadRunner Asset Library is an add-on product that requires an addition to your RoadRunner license. For more details, see RoadRunner Asset Library.

Examples of asset library assets, including road signs, trees, urban props, traffic signals, and highway street sign structures.


Get RoadRunner Updates and Upgrades

Update an existing RoadRunner installation for add-on products, install an update to the installed version of RoadRunner software, or get a new RoadRunner release.

Create, Import, and Modify Assets

Create assets by modifying existing RoadRunner assets or by importing files created outside of RoadRunner.