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Binning Explorer

Bin data and export into a creditscorecard object


The Binning Explorer app enables you to manage binning categories for a creditscorecard object. Use screenpredictors to pare down a potentially large set of predictors to a subset that is most predictive of the credit score card response variable. You can then use this subset of predictors when creating a MATLAB® table of data. After creating a table of data in your MATLAB workspace, or after using creditscorecard to create a creditscorecard object, use the Binning Explorer to:

  • Select an automatic binning algorithm with an option to bin missing data. (For more information on algorithms for automatic binning, see autobinning.)

  • Shift bin boundaries.

  • Split bins.

  • Merge bins.

  • Save and export a creditscorecard object.

Binning Explorer app

Open the Binning Explorer App

  • MATLAB toolstrip: On the Apps tab, under Computational Finance, click the app icon.

  • MATLAB command prompt:

    • Enter binningExplorer to open the Binning Explorer app.

    • Enter binningExplorer(data) or binningExplorer(data,Name,Value) to open a table in the Binning Explorer app by specifying a table (data) as input.

    • Enter binningExplorer(sc) to open a creditscorecard object in the Binning Explorer app by specifying a creditscorecard object (sc) as input.

To access Help for the App, click the Help icon on the toolbar.

Version History

Introduced in R2016b