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proj = matlab.project.rootProject gets the root project of the currently loaded project and returns a project object that you can use to manipulate the root project programmatically. If no project is open, MATLAB® returns an empty array. Use matlab.project.rootProject when working with referenced projects.

To get the project which currently has context, for example, if the project is running a shortcut, startup file, or shutdown file for a referenced project, use currentProject instead.

For more information about referenced projects, see Componentize Large Projects


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Open the Times Table App example project and get the root project object to manipulate the project at the command line.

proj = matlab.project.rootProject
proj = 

  Project with properties:

                        Name: "Times Table App"
    SourceControlIntegration: "Git"
          RepositoryLocation: "C:\myProjects\examples\repositories\TimesTableApp"
       SourceControlMessages: [1×3 string]
                    ReadOnly: 0
                    TopLevel: 1
                Dependencies: [1×1 digraph]
                  Categories: [1×1 matlab.project.Category]
                       Files: [1×14 matlab.project.ProjectFile]
                   Shortcuts: [1×4 matlab.project.Shortcut]
                 ProjectPath: [1×3 matlab.project.PathFolder]
           ProjectReferences: [1×0 matlab.project.ProjectReference]
                StartupFiles: [1×0 string]
               ShutdownFiles: [1×0 string]
                 Description: "This example project contains the source code and tests for a...
                  RootFolder: "C:\Users\myProjects\examples\TimesTableApp"
        ProjectStartupFolder: "C:\myProjects\examples\TimesTableApp"

Examine the project files.

files = proj.Files
files = 

  1×14 ProjectFile array with properties:


Output Arguments

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Project, returned as a matlab.project.Project object. Use the matlab.project.Project object to programmatically manipulate the currently open project.

Introduced in R2019a