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Check if query position is inside selected submap

Since R2021a



isInside = isInsideSubmap(sMap,pos) check if the query position pos, is inside the selected submap of the map sMap.

[isInside,distToEdge] = isInsideSubmap(sMap,pos) also returns the distance from the query position to the closest edge of the submap along the X-,Y-, and Z-axes respectively.


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Load a map of segments and features from a MAT file.

data = load('segmatchMapFullParkingLot.mat');
sMap = data.segmatchMapFullParkingLot;

Select a submap within the map.

center = [0 30 0];
sz = [40 24 10];
sMap = selectSubmap(sMap,center,sz);

Check three positions to see if they are inside the submap.

pos1 = [0 30 0]; % center
[isInside1,distToEdge1] = isInsideSubmap(sMap,pos1)
isInside1 = logical

distToEdge1 = 1x3 single row vector

   20.0000   12.0000    0.0649

pos2 = [60 0 0]; % completely outside
[isInside2,distToEdge2] = isInsideSubmap(sMap,pos2)
isInside2 = logical

distToEdge2 = 1x3 single row vector

   40.0000   18.0000    0.0649

pos3 = [15 30 0]; % inside, 5 meters from edge in x direction
[isInside3,distToEdge3] = isInsideSubmap(sMap,pos3)
isInside3 = logical

distToEdge3 = 1x3 single row vector

    5.0000   12.0000    0.0649

Input Arguments

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Map of segments and features, specified as a pcmapsegmatch object.

Query position, specified as a 3-element vector of the form [x y z].

Output Arguments

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Indication of position inside submap, returned as a logical true or false.

Distance from the query position to the closest edge of the submap in the X-, Y-, and Z-axes respectively, returned as a 3-element vector.

Version History

Introduced in R2021a

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