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Surrogate Optimization

Surrogate optimization solver for expensive objective functions, with bounds and optional integer constraints

Use surrogate optimization for expensive (time-consuming) objective functions. The solver requires finite bounds on all variables, allows for nonlinear inequality constraints, and accepts integer constraints on selected variables. The solver can optionally save its state after each function evaluation, enabling recovery from premature stops.


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optimvaluesCreate values for optimization problem (Since R2022a)
solveSolve optimization problem or equation problem
surrogateoptSurrogate optimization for global minimization of time-consuming objective functions
packfcnCombine objective and nonlinear constraint functions (Since R2020a)
optimoptionsCreate optimization options
resetoptionsReset options

Live Editor Tasks

OptimizeOptimize or solve equations in the Live Editor (Since R2020b)


Problem-Based Surrogate Optimization

Optimize Using Surrogate Optimization

Surrogate Optimization Background

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