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Instrumentation and Visualization in Simulink

Collect simulation data and statistics, use visualizations to explore your designs in Simulink®

Use visualizations in the Fixed-Point Tool to further explore and analyze your designs. You can also use data type override settings to share and edit a model containing fixed-point blocks without the Fixed-Point Designer™ software.


Sharing Fixed-Point Models

Data type override settings for sharing and editing a model containing fixed-point blocks without the Fixed-Point Designer software.

Fixed-Point Instrumentation and Data Type Override

Fixed-point instrumentation and data type override settings for gathering range information on your model.

Choosing a Range Collection Method

Choose from three methods for collecting ranges on which to base data type proposals.

Control Views in the Fixed-Point Tool

Information filtering, sorting, and analysis in the Fixed-Point Tool.

Use the Fixed-Point Tool to Explore Numerical Behavior

Example showing how to use the Fixed-Point Tool to compare floating-point and fixed-point data types.

View Simulation Results

Use the Simulation Data Inspector to view simulation results and compare runs to verify your fixed-point design.

Prevent the Fixed-Point Tool from Overriding Integer Data Types

Maintain integer data types in your model when using data type override.