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Qualification of Embedded Coder and AUTOSAR Blockset for Use in Processes that Must Comply with Industry Standards

You can use the IEC Certification Kit to qualify Embedded Coder® for use in development processes that must comply with IEC 61508, ISO 26262, EN 50128, EN 50657, ISO 25119, ISO 21434, and related functional-safety standards such as IEC 62304. Qualification covers the code generator that is used to transform an executable model (model used for production code generation) into production C/C++ code for application software components.

You can qualify AUTOSAR Blockset when using the Embedded Coder code generator to generate code that is suitable for AUTOSAR platforms, including:

  • Transformation of an executable model into production quality C/C++ code and files for AUTOSAR application software components.

  • Creation of an AUTOSAR configuration for a model, model AUTOSAR elements, and generate AUTOSAR XML and AUTOSAR-compatible C/C++ code from a model.

To streamline the certification of your embedded systems, the IEC Certification Kit provides:

  • Tool qualification artifacts, which provide software development and verification workflows, tool use cases, and error mitigation methods.

    Test suites, which you can use to validate tool usage and generated code.

  • Functionality to generate bidirectional traceability matrices between the model and generated code. For more information, see Validate Traceability.

For more information about the IEC Certification Kit, see IEC Certification Kit (for ISO 26262 and IEC 61508).

Validate Traceability

Typically, applications that require certification require some level of traceability between requirements, models, and corresponding code.

Associate requirements documents with objects in Simulink® models

The Requirements Management Interface Setup (Requirements Toolbox) that is available if you have a Requirements Toolbox™ license.

Trace model blocks and subsystems to generated code

The Model-to-Code Traceability option when generating an HTML report during the code generation or build process.

Trace generated code to model blocks and subsystems

The Code-to-Model Traceability option when generating an HTML report during the code generation or build process.