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MATLAB Interface to SQLite

Interact with an SQLite database using the MATLAB® interface to SQLite

Without installing a database, configuring a driver, or creating a data source, connect to an SQLite database, create database tables, and load data into the tables. Import data into MATLAB from the SQLite database. Export data from MATLAB into the SQLite database. Then, create a standalone SQLite database application and deploy it.


sqliteSQLite connection


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closeClose SQLite connection
isopenDetermine if SQLite connection is open (Since R2022a)
fetchImport data into MATLAB workspace using SQLite connection
sqlreadImport data into MATLAB from SQLite database table (Since R2022a)
databaseImportOptionsDefine import options for database data
sqlwriteInsert MATLAB data into SQLite database table (Since R2022a)
commitMake changes to SQLite database file permanent (Since R2022a)
executeExecute SQL statement using SQLite database connection (Since R2022a)
rollbackUndo changes to SQLite database file (Since R2022a)
sqlupdateUpdate rows in SQLite database table (Since R2023a)


MATLAB Interface to SQLite Workflow

Import Data into MATLAB

Export Data from MATLAB

Execute Database Operations

Deploy Standalone Database Application