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Tuning with Control System Tuner

Tune control systems using an interactive app

The Control System Tuner app tunes control systems modeled in MATLAB® or Simulink® (requires Simulink Control Design™ software). This app lets you tune any control system architecture to meet your design goals. You can tune multiple fixed-order, fixed-structure SISO or MIMO control elements distributed over any number of feedback loops.

Control System Tuner automatically tunes the controller parameters to satisfy the must-have requirements (design constraints) and to best meet the remaining requirements (objectives). The library of tuning goals lets you capture high-level design requirements in a form suitable for fast automated tuning. Available tuning goals include standard control objectives such as reference tracking, disturbance rejection, loop shapes, closed-loop damping, and stability margins.

To get started with the app, see Specify Control Architecture in Control System Tuner.