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Variant Manager

Variant Manager helps you handle multiple design variants in a Simulink model.

Visualizing, creating, and managing all variants in a model can get complex. With Variant Manager you can visualize your model hierarchy, automatically generate variant configurations, and manage usage of variant elements such as variant blocks, variant parameters, and variant transitions across hierarchy.

Variant Manager has the following capabilities:

  • Variant Manager — Visualize the model hierarchy, manage the usage of variant elements across the hierarchy, and create and manage variant configurations.
  • Variant Analyzer — Compare and contrast variant configurations to identify errors or inconsistencies.
  • Variant Reducer — Generate a reduced model that contains only selected variant configurations.

How to Manage Design Variants in Simulink Manage, configure, and analyze system variants within Simulink.

How to Use Variant Manager in Simulink, Part 1 Learn how Variant Manager can help in system development when there are various design alternatives.

How to Use Variant Manager in Simulink, Part 2: Analyze and Reduce Follow a concise guide to analyzing and reducing models using Variant Manager for Simulink.

How to Use Variant Subsystem in Simulink? Incorporate multiple design variants for any component in Simulink models using Variant Subsystems. This will give you multiple design choices in a single model.

Variant Source and Sink Blocks with Condition Propagation Design variant choices and automatically remove unnecessary functionality based on block connectivity in Simulink .

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