MATLAB for Machine Learning

Train models, tune parameters, and deploy to production or the edge

Machine learning teaches machines to do what comes naturally to humans: learn from experience. Use MATLAB to engineer features from your data and fit machine learning models.

Why MATLAB for Machine Learning?

Classify Data Using the Classification Learner App

Interactively explore your data, select features, and train, compare, and assess models by using the Classification Learner and Regression Learner apps.

Integrate with Simulink Systems

Integrate your trained models with Simulink as native or MATLAB Function blocks, for embedded deployment or simulation of complete systems.

Deploy Trained Models to Hardware

Deploy your trained models to hardware platforms (from desktop systems to embedded hardware) by generating readable and portable C/C++ code.

Machine Learning with MATLAB Tutorials and Examples

Whether you are new to machine learning or looking for an end-to-end workflow, explore these MATLAB resources to help with your next project.


Get an introduction to practical machine learning methods


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Explore the basics or advance your skills with engaging online courses


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