Energy Resources

MATLAB and Simulink for Energy Resources

Geoscientists and engineers in the oil and gas industries choose MATLAB and Simulink products to:

  • Model and optimize drilling equipment
  • Analyze seismic data to determine optimal drilling locations
  • Run Monte-Carlo simulations for valuation and risk assessment
  • Model reservoirs to extend the life of oil and gas reserves
  • Scale their analytics to GPU clusters and the cloud

"We add value for our customers with our design expertise and knowledge, not through coding. Simulink and Embedded Coder enabled us to accelerate development by shifting our resources and our focus from code implementation to system design and system-level testing."

Ingolf Wassermann, Baker Hughes

Predictive Maintenance

MATLAB can help you develop predictive maintenance algorithms customized to the specific operational and architectural profile of your equipment. Use Predictive Maintenance Toolbox to design condition indicators and estimate the remaining useful life of your critical equipment like pumps and compressors.

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Predictive Maintenance for Asset Optimization
Original and enhanced seismogram image

Geoscience, Image Processing, and Deep Learning

Use MATLAB for geoscience applications like image processing in remote sensing, generation, and processing of digital elevation models. You can also develop stratigraphic characterization algorithms. You can import a wide range of GIS and geospatial file formats, and use hundreds of inbuilt functions for signal processing, image analysis, and curve fitting.

Save time on tedious seismic interpretation activities like picking complex salt bodies by using deep learning for seismic feature detection and arrival picking.

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Real-Time Simulation and HIL Testing

Pair dynamic modeling with real-time testing in Simulink to better understand system behavior, develop plant designs, and implement control algorithms without hardware prototypes. Perform real-time HIL tests of systems for oil and gas production such as drilling, production, subsea construction, and process equipment with Simulink Real-Time and Speedgoat.

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Drilling state visualization created in Simulink Real-Time Explorer and manual controls created in Simulink.
Drilling systems

Drilling Systems Modeling and Digital Twin

Use Simscape to model fluid systems, along with machines working with these fluids, for applications like managed pressure drilling. The Simscape product family offers multi-domain simulation so you can design logic and controls for multiple subsystems, such as mud pumps and AC motors, without deriving and implementing the system-level equations. You can also automatically tune digital twins of your assets in real time using sensor data without involving IT. 

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Energy Trading and Risk Management

With MATLAB, you can simplify and automate your energy trading and risk management tasks like importing and visualizing energy data from multiple sources, building predictive models of energy time-series data, and running Monte-Carlo simulations for valuation and risk assessment.

You can also call MATLAB algorithms from other programs like Python® and Microsoft® Excel®, and deploy these models on enterprise systems like Power BI, Cloudera®, and Hadoop®. The MATLAB API allows you to pick the best language or platform for each part of your workflow, and MATLAB serves as the glue between them all.

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Investment Management
Baker Hughes

Model-Based Design and Product Development

Implement Model-Based Design with MATLAB and Simulink to reduce development time by 50% or more. Shift your resources and focus from code implementation and debugging low-level drivers to system design and testing.

Use App Designer and MATLAB Compiler to create standalone applications with custom UIs and share these with others – even if they don't know MATLAB.

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Data Analytics and Machine Learning

Automate your seismic data processing steps such as working with SEGY files and processing shot record and travel-time field files. You can also interpret subsurface features using visualizations in MATLAB. Combine machine learning, signal processing, and dynamic modeling methods in a single platform for applications like vibration analysis of drilling strings, studying oilfield decline rate and seismic and fracking analysis.

Eliminate several data preprocessing and postprocessing steps for your Petrel project using the MATLAB interface for Petrel. Integrate MATLAB analytics with TIBCO® Spotfire® and Tableau® visualizations. Connect MATLAB algorithms with your RokDoc project for rock physics and seismic inversion studies.

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Beyond the Desktop

With the push of a button, you can generate C, C++, and HDL code to run on hardware. Create hardware-independent IEC 61131-3 Structured Text and Ladder diagrams, and deploy them on PLCs and PACs.

Use prebuilt big data analysis techniques and dedicated toolboxes to run your algorithms on multicore processors, clusters, and NVIDIA GPUs without learning new programming languages. Scale your programs to the cloud without recoding. Call MATLAB functions from PI systems without creating custom architectures.

Customer Stories

"Using MATLAB is the fastest and most efficient way to produce a quality product."

Dr. Daniel Moos, GeoMechanics International

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