Desktop and Web Deployment with MATLAB

Using Application Deployment to Share Your MATLAB Programs

MathWorks application deployment products increase the benefit of MATLAB® to your organization by allowing you to share the work you do in MATLAB with people who do not have access to MATLAB. You can share with internal colleagues and decision makers, or external collaborators and clients.

Your MATLAB based programs can be deployed as standalone applications, add-ins for Microsoft® Excel®, and software components that can be integrated into web and enterprise applications. You can deploy any MATLAB program covering a range of industries and applications such as data science, semiconductor/electronics, manufacturing systems, image processing, aerospace/defense, and financial services.

All applications and components are encrypted to protect your intellectual property and can be shared royalty free.

When compared with manually recoding algorithms, deploying your MATLAB applications and components provides advantages, such as:

  • Domain experts can maintain ownership of ideas, algorithms, and applications.
  • Software developers have the flexibility to integrate a common algorithm with different programming languages and platforms.
  • Organizations gain efficiency by avoiding time consuming and error prone recoding, as well as easily adopting algorithm improvements throughout the application’s lifecycle.

“Our solution required a Windows client and Linux server software. We used MATLAB to rapidly develop both by taking advantage of distributed computing, a MEX-file interface to access our financial data, and fast, built-in functions for optimization, regression, and more.”

Julian Zenglein, Commerzbank

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Building a Web Site with MATLAB Analytics

Learn to embed MATLAB analytics in a web site by compiling and deploying programs to MATLAB Production Server.

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Platform Flexibility

Applications and components can be deployed to a variety of platforms, providing you with the flexibility to determine the best solution for your organization.

Standalone desktop applications can be developed entirely within MATLAB to provide a complete solution with a custom user interface, all running locally on the end user’s computer.

MATLAB programs can be packaged as Microsoft Excel add-ins and easily integrated into spreadsheets, providing seamless integration to algorithms, graphics, and user interfaces developed in MATLAB.

To share MATLAB programs with the widest audience, you can integrate MATLAB algorithms with server-based web and enterprise systems, providing maximum scalability, customizability, and integration with your organization’s IT infrastructure.

Portfolio optimization using MATLAB algorithms packaged as an add-in for Microsoft Excel (left), and a standalone desktop application for spectral analysis (right).

Product Portfolio

You can choose the application deployment solution that meets your needs.

MATLAB Compiler™ lets you share MATLAB programs without integration programming. You can create standalone applications, add-ins for Microsoft Excel, and components that can be run on Hadoop clusters for big data applications.

MATLAB Compiler SDK™ provides implementation and platform flexibility for software developers who want to integrate MATLAB-based components into applications written in other languages. You can integrate these components with applications written in C/C++, .NET, Java, and Python. For server applications, you can create your own application server or deploy to MATLAB Production Server™.

MATLAB Production Server provides the most efficient development path for secure and scalable web and enterprise applications.

Integration of Analytics into Systems

Share standalone MATLAB applications or run MATLAB analytics as a part of web, database, desktop, and enterprise applications without having to create custom infrastructure. Package MATLAB analytics as deployable components compatible with a wide range of development environments such as Java, Microsoft .NET, Excel, Python, and C/C++. For low latency and scalable production applications, you can manage MATLAB analytics running as a centralized service that is callable from diverse applications.

Predictive analytics application for energy load forecasting in New York State.