Early Verification and Validation with Model-Based Design

Verification and validation using Model-Based Design enables detection of design errors and incorrect requirements early in the development process saving you valuable time and improving product quality. MathWorks Consulting Services helps you establish a Model-Based Design verification and validation workflow allowing you to build solid executable requirements and perform early and continuous testing.

Traceability Between Requirements and Design

We show you how to ensure traceability of your requirements throughout your design and to the final application. MathWorks Consulting demonstrates how best to use Requirements Toolbox to create bidirectional links between models, tests, code, and requirements documents, how to generate and use test cases, and how to produce needed reports. We integrate your requirements management system and set up an architecture which ensures maintainability and minimizes manual interventions.

Compliance with Modeling and Coding Standards

MathWorks Consultants teach you how to verify compliance with modeling and coding standards specific to your industry, application, and your company or safety standards. We implement custom modeling checks in Simulink Check to analyze and validate your models. We help you customize Polyspace Bug Finder to verify compliance of generated and hand-written code against coding standards.

Simulation-Based Testing and Reporting

We demonstrate how to run model-in-the-loop (MIL), software-in-the-loop (SIL), and processor-in-the-loop (PIL) equivalence tests to confirm that software behavior matches model behavior. We explain how to apply coverage analysis with Simulink Coverage at the model and code level to assess the quality of existing test cases and how to generate test harnesses with Simulink Design Verifier to again increase confidence in your design. We instruct you on how best to use Simulink Test to flexibly execute tests and report on them, or to implement large-scale automated tests and connect them with third-party tools.

Verification via Formal Methods

MathWorks Consulting can help you to provide evidence that your design and your final application match. We show you how Simulink Code Inspector can examine the generated code and how Simulink Design Verifier can detect errors like dead logic, integer overflows, divisions by zero, etc. We train you on how Polyspace Code Prover can demonstrate code correctness by proving the absence of overflow, divide-by-zero, and certain other run-time errors.

MathWorks Consulting Services has a proven ability to:

  • Establish an early and continuous verification and validation workflow using Model-Based Design
  • Ensure traceability and quality throughout the development process
  • Establish processes to detect and correct design errors early
  • Verify that the final application meets requirements