MATLAB and Simulink for Startups

Partner with MathWorks Accelerator Program

The MathWorks Accelerator Program helps your startups advance their development. Your Startups are treated as full commercial customers with technical support and guidance from domain experts while receiving free access to industry-proven software. More than 5 million users trust MATLAB and Simulink products for software development, from research to prototype, to code generation and deployment.

  • Strategic partnerships with 500+ leading accelerators in industry, government, and academia
  • Supporting 1500+ deep tech startups
  • Global reach in over 75 countries

“Granting free access to early-stage startups in leading incubators like Greentown Labs lowers their development risk and helps them achieve critical funding milestones.”

David Rich, Director, MathWorks

Program Benefits

The MathWorks Accelerator Program offering is an in-kind software sponsorship. Startups in a partner accelerator are eligible for up to 10 user licenses for 12 months of free software. There is no cost or IT administration burden to either the accelerator or the startups it supports. This is available for all startups incubated at a partner organization regardless of size or funding.

Sponsored startups will gain a committed business partner. In addition to comprehensive access to MATLAB and Simulink suite of products, startups are eligible for the following benefits:

Support from application engineers and technical support

Training options in local languages, including 50% off training credits

Co-marketing opportunities to showcase your technology or products

“We're getting treated like we're an actual large client. That's something, as a startup, you really don't forget. You look for partnerships that can grow with you. We found that partner in MathWorks.”

Ken Sutton, Yobe
Silicon Catalyst
entrepreneur first
Next Canada
sid at llcs


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Contact your accelerator director to check if your accelerator is already part of the program and request access.