Linearize models and design control systems

Simulink Control Design™ lets you design and analyze control systems modeled in Simulink®. You can automatically tune arbitrary SISO and MIMO control architectures, including PID controllers. PID autotuning can be deployed to embedded software for automatically computing PID gains in real time.

You can find operating points and compute exact linearizations of Simulink models at various operating conditions. Simulink Control Design provides tools that let you compute simulation-based frequency responses without modifying your model.


Designing and Tuning Control Systems

Systematically tune control systems modeled in Simulink using SISO and MIMO design techniques.

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Autotuning PID Controllers in Embedded Software

Deploy PID autotuning to embedded software for automatically computing PID gains in real-time applications.

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Trimming and Linearizing Simulink Models

Use a graphical interface to determine model operating points and compute a linear approximation of a nonlinear model.

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Computing the Frequency Response of the Model

Use tools for the simulation-based computation of a model’s frequency response.

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Simulink Control Design requires: Control System Toolbox, MATLAB, Simulink

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