Partial Differential Equation Toolbox


Partial Differential Equation Toolbox

Solve partial differential equations using finite element analysis

Structural Mechanics

Perform linear static, transient, modal, and frequency response analyses. Evaluate mechanical strength by computing displacement, stress, and strain or simulate dynamic behavior of mechanical systems.

Heat Transfer

Perform steady-state, transient, or coupled thermal-stress analysis to compute temperature distributions and other thermal characteristics. Approximate dynamic characteristics using reduced-order models.


Perform electrostatic, magnetostatic, or harmonic analysis for the design of electrical and electronic components.

General PDEs

Solve second-order linear and nonlinear PDEs for stationary, time-dependent, and eigenvalue problems commonly arising in engineering and science.

Geometry and Meshing

Define a 2D or 3D geometry by importing STL, STEP, or mesh data or by creating parameterized shapes using geometric primitives. Generate finite element mesh using triangular elements in 2D and tetrahedral elements in 3D.

Visualization and Postprocessing

Visualize models and solutions by creating plots and animations of geometry, mesh, results, and derived and interpolated quantities by leveraging powerful MATLAB graphics. Interactively create and explore visualizations of PDE results using the Visualize PDE Results Live Editor task.

Automate, Integrate, and Share FEA Workflows

Automate FEA simulations using MATLAB, integrate with other MATLAB products to build end-to-end workflows, and share custom applications using App Designer and MATLAB Compiler.

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