Generate C and C++ code from MATLAB code

Run Anywhere

Use any C/C++ compiler to compile and run your generated code on any hardware, from desktop systems to mobile devices to embedded hardware. The generated code is royalty-free—deploy it in commercial applications to your customers at no charge.

Use Functions from Toolboxes

Use the MATLAB Coder app or equivalent command-line functions to generate code for your signal processing, computer vision, deep learning, control systems, or other application using MATLAB and Simulink products.

Prototype on Embedded Hardware

Get to hardware fast with automatic conversion of your algorithm to C/C++. Target any device by manually integrating the generated code with your application. Automate the process for Raspberry Pi using MATLAB Support Package for Raspberry Pi.

Deploy C++ Code from MATLAB

Generate C++ classes from classes in your MATLAB code, including value classes, handle classes, and system objects. Compile the generated code into C++ libraries or executables and integrate them into your existing C++ source code.

Optimize the Generated Code

Generate multicore OpenMP code and call optimized libraries such as LAPACK, BLAS, and FFTW. Use with Embedded Coder to generate processor-specific intrinsic code that can execute faster than standard ANSI/ISO C/C++ code.

Deploy Deep Learning Networks and Machine Learning Models

Deploy a variety of trained networks such as ResNet-50, MobileNet-v2, support vector machine (SVM) models, and decision tree models, along with preprocessing and postprocessing logic, to any CPU, including chips based on Intel® and ARM® Cortex®.

Integrate with Software

Reuse MATLAB algorithms as C/C++ source code or libraries within your software environment. Generated code uses C/C++ types in a natural way, simplifying integration with external code. Automatically call trusted C/C++ from generated code.

Reuse MATLAB Tests on Generated Code

Reuse existing MATLAB tests to verify the behavior of generated code in the interactive MATLAB environment. Use the MATLAB unit test framework to quickly develop a rich set of regression tests that can be used to verify the generated C/C++ code.

Accelerate Algorithms

Call generated code as MEX functions from your MATLAB code to speed execution. Profile generated MEX functions to identify bottlenecks and focus your optimization efforts.

“MATLAB, MATLAB Coder, and Fixed-Point Designer enabled our small team to develop a complex real-time signal processing algorithm, optimize it to reduce power and memory requirements, accelerate embedded code implementation, and perform the rigorous testing required for medical device validation.”

Marina Brockway, VivaQuant

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