What Is MATLAB Coder?

MATLAB Coder generates readable and portable C code from your MATLAB algorithms. This automated approach speeds up your design workflow and eliminates coding errors introduced by a manual translation process.

The generated code can be compiled as a standalone executable, packaged as a library, or handed off to software engineers for integration with software projects. Here, you see the generated source code being integrated with a hand-written Visual Studio® project.

MATLAB Coder supports a broad range of language features such as matrix operations, subscripting, program control statements, and structures. It also supports over a thousand functions from toolboxes used for applications ranging from general image processing and computer vision to advanced DSP and communications systems development.

By using the MATLAB Coder app or command line interface, you can also generate MEX functions that can be executed in MATLAB for verifying the behavior of the generated code against your original MATLAB algorithm. In some cases, MEX functions can also be used to accelerate the execution of your algorithms. In this example of a Kalman filter, the generated MEX function runs noticeably faster compared to the original MATLAB code.

MATLAB Coder helps you to explore design trade-offs and introduce implementation requirements such as memory allocation and data type specifications, all from within MATLAB. This enables you to iterate on your designs faster, and you get to spend more time developing and tuning algorithms in MATLAB rather than writing and debugging low-level C code.

You can use MATLAB Coder with Embedded Coder® to access advanced settings that let you control the look and feel of the generated code, and tune it for performance or readability.

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Recorded: 6 Mar 2015