Aerospace Blockset


Aerospace Blockset

Model, simulate, and analyze aerospace vehicle dynamics

Atmospheric Flight

For atmospheric flight platforms, including rotorcraft, use blocks to model dynamics, perform simulations, and understand system behavior under various flight and environment conditions.

Spacecraft Simulation

Model, simulate, and analyze the motion and dynamics of spacecraft and satellite constellations. Use solar system ephemeris data to calculate the position and velocity of celestial objects over time.

Flight Visualization

Visualize and understand aerospace vehicle dynamics by using cockpit flight instruments, connecting to the FlightGear flight simulator, or connecting your simulation to a photorealistic 3D environment with Unreal Engine®

Vehicle Components

Model vehicle components, such as linear and nonlinear actuators, human pilot behavior, and engine systems.

Flight and Mission Analysis

­Use templates and functions to perform advanced analysis on the dynamic response of aerospace vehicles. Perform high-level mission analysis with the satelliteScenario object from Aerospace Toolbox.

Environment Models

Use validated environment models to represent standard atmospheric, gravity, and magnetic field profiles as well as standard wind conditions.

Guidance, Navigation, and Control

Use guidance blocks to calculate distance between vehicles; navigation blocks to model accelerometers, gyroscopes, and IMUs; and controller blocks to control the motion of aerospace vehicles.

Atmospheric Flight Reference Applications

­Jumpstart development of your aerospace vehicle models with ready-to-simulate atmospheric flight examples.

Spacecraft Reference Applications

Explore ready-to-simulate spacecraft examples to accelerate implementation of your own applications.

Korean Air Speeds UAV Flight Control Software Development and Verification with Model-Based Design

Korean Air designed and simulated flight control laws and operational logic, generated and verified production code, and conducted HIL tests.

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