Academic Teaching

Licenses for Classroom Instructional Use

MATLAB and Simulink, on- and off-campus, on any device

Designed to support individual faculty teaching in universities, colleges, and community colleges, these licenses provide faculty, and their students access to MATLAB and Simulink products in any learning environment, including in-classroom, virtual, and hybrid programs.

These licenses feature:

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“MATLAB and Simulink are effective tools to teach a range of concepts from introductory programming to advanced control engineering enabling students to build simple controllers to complicated control systems using PLCs more easily.”

Yuuichiroh Mitani, Professor, National Institute of Technology, Numazu College

Teach with MATLAB and Simulink

Provide hands-on learning experiences using industry-standard tools to catalyze critical thinking and student engagement.

Create Interactive Auto-Graded Assignments

Assess your students' skills using MATLAB Grader for both formative assessments with automated feedback and summative assessments, such as quizzes and exams, while ensuring academic integrity. MATLAB Grader lets you scale assessments and automatically grade MATLAB coding assignments in any learning environment.

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“MATLAB Grader is a valuable teaching tool that has allowed me to create and customize auto-graded problems that fit well with the learning objectives of my introductory programming course. More importantly, it has allowed my students to practice at their own pace and get instant feedback!”

Lina Battestilli, Ph.D., North Carolina State University

Resources to Get Started

Students and faculty can get started with MATLAB and Simulink products through interactive tutorials and comprehensive training courses.



Get started quickly with the basics of MATLAB®.


Simulink Onramp

Get started quickly with the basics of Simulink®.

MATLAB Fundamentals

MATLAB Fundamentals

Learn core MATLAB functionality for data analysis, visualization, modeling, and programming.

MATLAB Fundamentals

Introduction to Linear Algebra with MATLAB

Use matrix methods in MATLAB to solve systems of linear equations and perform eigenvalue decomposition.

Image Processing

Image Processing Onramp

Learn the basics of practical image processing techniques in MATLAB.

Machine Learning with MATLAB

Machine Learning with MATLAB

Explore data and build predictive models.


Deep Learning with MATLAB

Learn the theory and practice of building deep neural networks with real-life image and sequence data.


Stateflow Onramp

Learn the basics of creating, editing, and simulating state machines in Stateflow.

“I've been using MATLAB to introduce students to computer programming for 20 years. I've found it to be a great platform for building on students' foundation of calculator skills without getting mired down in arcane syntax or compiler quirks. You can even use it to control hardware such as Arduino microcontrollers and provide a more engaging introduction to programming.”

Eric Davishahl, Associate Professor of Engineering, Whatcom Community College