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Can you please help to plot this figure in matlab?
You can plot some of the features on the graph as follows: %Define the functions f1 = @(x) 16*x + 2; f2 = @(x) -4*x +...

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multiple summation of series (3 variables)
If your expression does not contain any undefined symbols, then try adding the line: eval(T_xyz) to your code (after y...

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Hi, i want to calculate the decision boundary in Bayes Estimator. Can anyone help me in this regard.
You can find the decision boundary analytically. For Bayesian hypothesis testing, the decision boundary corresponds to the value...

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Extracting the data from a column vector according to mod
Given x, you can do: x1 = x(1:4:length(x)) x2 = x(2:4:length(x)) ... Even more concisely, if you want to extr...

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