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How to convert the MATLAB code into the Python?
You may want to check these tutorials on how to convert a code from MATLAB to python.

2 years ago | 0

Using a for loop to put a number of 2D arrays in a directory into a single 3D array
If your images are PNG and located in a folder, just run this code on that folder. 'A' is the resulted matrice: D=dir('*.png');...

4 years ago | 1

Graph visualization adding white to my nodes. How to solve it?
This is a visual artifact I assume. Try add Edge Color to your nodes. It could help.

4 years ago | 0

Index a 2D matrix from a 2D matrix
Well you can simply do this without a loop: A=rand(600,1000); B=A(1:51,1:51); But if you need it to use loops B=zeros(51); ...

4 years ago | 0

Count centroids in an image
Why not simply label the binary image? and 'Num' would be the number of characters. [Label, Num]=bwlabel(Image)

4 years ago | 1

find mutual information between series of images
Hi, why dont you save the MI values inside an array like this: and then find the location of the maximum value. Image_Address=...

4 years ago | 0

How to remove dependent rows in a matrix?
This is a shorter version of Jos solution if you needed: R1=1; for I=1:size(A,1) R2=rank(A(1:I,:)); if R2~=R1; disp...

5 years ago | 1