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DISPLAYOPT must be 'on' or 'off'.
Maybe this will work stats_multcompare = multcompare(stats_KW,'display','off'); Just remove the second input argument, 0...

5 years ago | 1

| accepted

I would like to change existing values of parameters
If you just need to get a graph, this will help you function plotgraph y0 = 0:10; % Initial values for n = 1:length(y...

5 years ago | 1

Vectors must be the same lengths; plotting
You just need to modify variable _x_ to match the size of variable _simulated_ or variable _actual_. simulated=[0.0000000 ...

5 years ago | 1

What do you like about MATLAB?
Using _Vectorization_ instead of loops. <>

5 years ago | 1

How to make a function to make a vector with two input points?
To declare a function, you can use the statement like this: function [y1,...,yN] = myfun(x1,...,xM) each input and outpu...

5 years ago | 1

How do I sum a function in matlab?
You can define a function using _Anonymous function_ like this f1 = @(x) x; f2 = @(x) x.^2; to get to sum of f1 and f...

5 years ago | 1