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Converts matrices, cells and MATLAB tables to LaTex table code. Allows format,pivot,col/row headers.

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How to combine graph and merge different array?
Why do you want to combine the vectors a&a, b&d if you want to plot two graphs? If your goal is to plot two graphs into one axis...

8 years ago | 1

MATLAB only responds when window is resized
The MATLAB GUI is Java based. It might be case that the Java Runtime Environment which MATLAB uses doesn't work properly. In som...

8 years ago | 1


How do we know that MATLABs algorithms are working properly?
As MATLAB is closed source, it is impossible to look at what the software is doing unter the hood. So there is no guarantee that...

8 years ago | 3 answers | 1



geometric mean month by month
Use logical indexing to obtain indices belonging to the same month and calculate the geometric mean for each month: if true...

8 years ago | 0

Is it possible to add a new variable to a popup menu while the GUI is running?
I'm not sure what you mean by 'add it as a new variable in the previously created pop-up menu'. If you want to set the default s...

8 years ago | 0

Nonlinear least square regression
Do you have the statistics toolbox installed? It supports nonlinear regression - look for in the docs.

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Spline interpolation of 3D scattered data
Hi, my data consists of two sets of mesh vertices (scattered distributed, each given by three coordinates x,y,z) and a set of ...

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