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Is there a way to extract the numeric data from these chars?
The data inside of Time variable are in time format like mm:ss. You can use datetime to extract them. new_T = datetime(Time(1:e...

5 months ago | 0

i have a function and i need to find the output of the last value. y(n)=1/2*(y(n-1)+A^2/y(n-1)) 0<=n<=N-1 (N=30 A=4),When i run it says output arguments not assignet.
Hi Tasos, you have not assigned y to res whihc is your function output. I corrected your code in the following way: function ...

5 months ago | 0

Get max, min and precision of a fi
% A fixed-point object with no value, 18-bit word length, and 16-bit fraction length a = fi([],1,18, 16) % The easiest...

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