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Fuel Cell Vehicle Model in Simscape

version (1.07 MB) by Steve Miller
Fuel cell electric vehicle with battery model and cooling system.


Updated 18 May 2021

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This example shows a fuel cell powertrain modeled in Simscape. A single fuel cell stack in parallel with a battery powers a single motor that propels the vehicle. The fuel cell is modeled using a custom domain to track the different species of gas that are used in the fuel cell. The vehicle can be tested on custom drive cycles or using the Drive Cycle Source from Powertrain Blockset.
Open the project Fuel_Cell_Vehicle.prj to get started.
The download button will let you access files compatible with the latest release (R2021a).
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* For R2020b: GitHub Release zip file
This video, "Getting Started with Simscape" explains the purpose of the model and introduces you to modeling with Simscape:
Additional Simscape Resources
* Free, hands-on tutorial to learn how to use Simscape: Simscape Onramp
* Tutorials and examples: Simscape Resource Page

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Comments and Ratings (7)

Steve Miller

@Sara Luciani: The example has been updated to follow the charge sustaining algorithm. A boost converter that follows the commanded fuel cell current has been swapped in for the abstract DC-DC converter. Thanks for the feedback! --Steve

Steve Miller

Hi Sara - the algorithm is capable of sustaining the battery charge, but the electrical network is simplified (for simulation speed) and is not taking those control signals into account. We will upload a new version that sustains charge as soon as we can. Thanks for the great question. --Steve

Sara Luciani

Dear Steve,
can you confirm if in the model a charge sustaining approach is considered? If yes, how is it implemented?
I tried to run some driving cycle but the battery SOC expires before the end of the cycle.
Thank you,

Handong Lee

any Reference Paper?

Michele Settembrino

Hi, I am not able to run the the project and therefore the additional library and the overall model (to simulate the system)! Do u have any tips to help me?

Ye Lao

Stefano Pasquale

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Created with R2021a
Compatible with R2020b to R2021a
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

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