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Model File Package for Motor Control Design Public Video

version 1.0.0 (122 KB) by Dakai Hu
Current Control PI Gain Tuning, Speed Closed Loop Control, Torque Control, Flux Weakening Control...


Updated 29 Jul 2019

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These are the model files associated with the video “Motor Control Design Using MATLAB and Simulink” . Which is part of the "Hybrid Electric Vehicles" video series.

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Dakai Hu (2021). Model File Package for Motor Control Design Public Video (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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alli sita

Hello I ask the same question in the comments section of the youtube video but I will repeat it here too: Why lambda_m(0.2205) in the decoupling part is different of the PM flux linkage(0.07147) in the PMSM bloc? and why didn't you use Ld and Lq in the parametrization of the PMSM instead of the armature inductance? Your answer will be greatly appreciated!

Hi, what are the maximum and rated values of power, current, torque and speed of the motor of example??

Hao Qin

I can't repeat the steps to tune using SDO for our motor when I replace the motor parameters with ours. It shew "failed".

what are the maximum and rated values of motor power, current, torque, and speed?

rakesh sharma

Tingting YE

Tianru Zhang

Ithikhash A

Nice Course


Prashant Vetsa

Muhammad Syafiq

ali al-khayyat

dao yu zhu

Zy Shan


Xing LUO

Jeffrey Chen

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