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version 1.0.0 (26.2 KB) by Ryan Livingston
Examples showing how to use SWIG to wrap MATLAB Coder generated C and C++ code for other languages


Updated 11 Feb 2019

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This project collects examples of generating code from MATLAB programs with MATLAB Coder and interfacing that generated code to various languages like Java and C#.

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Ryan Livingston (2020). coder-swig (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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Ryan Livingston

chaoqiang xi I'm not aware of an automated way to do that. There does appear to be some numpy support w/ swig:

So that may be interesting to look at

chaoqiang xi

chaoqiang xi

Thanks. The code exmples are great.

Is there any way to convert emxarry in C or coder array in C++ to numpy with swig?

Darshan Ramakant Bhat


Bill Chou

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